life is busy, full of random happenings that really don't let me sleep that much, but ah, who cares? i'll sleep when i'm dead.
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Let me tell you how it works, kid.

You’re young, you’re naive, you think you’ve got a lot of time. You have all these dreams you wanna fulfill, and you are convinced that you will have all the time you need to fulfill them. You think you’ve got so much time, you’re willing to put some dreams on the back burner, you’re ready to file some away for safekeeping — you’re gonna pull ‘em out again in a couple of years, anyway.

But if you aren’t careful, one day you’ll wake up and realize you’ve been so busy alphabetizing your aspirations that you forgot to make them happen. You’ll wake up and realize that you’re old. You’re going to realize that you’re trapped. You missed your window, and it happened several years back. You never thought it would be too late. And yet here you are, holding a tarnished golden ticket.

And you’re going to look back on your life and think of all the dreams you left as dreams. You’re going to remember that as your chances walked out the door, you were right there, waving goodbye every time.

No, you didn’t become a rockstar. No, you didn’t marry her. No, you didn’t travel the world. You’re going to go back to that filing cabinet and pull them out one by one, realizing that you forgot all about them.

And you’re going to regret it.

So if you have a dream, if you have a goal, reach for it. Work towards it as soon as you can. Because you don’t have as much time as you think you do, and you sure as hell don’t want to regret the things you didn’t do.

By Angelica BanzonWhy You Should Reach for Your Dreams (via livinginthestills)